A warm welcome

This post is meant as both an incentive to all of you to share your personal stories and thoughts, and also as a big warm welcome to you all! I’m hopeful that this space may help us feel closer to one another and make your Neurasmus experience slightly easier to bear. Following is an excerpt of a small-essay I wrote for a blog I write together with Janssen Kotah and Sahana Srìnívasan (both Neurasmates). I want to share it here, because I live to these thoughts up to this day:

“On the subject of walls: You see, the truth is (and this is the scientist in me talking) people are just like research questions. No matter how many books, papers or theory you read on the subject, you’re always taking a risk when you delve into them. Research questions can be fun in the beginning, but also exasperating and very hard to maintain. Research questions take a lot of mental effort to explore and let you vulnerable to your own insecurities (Is this the right research question for me?  Should research questions be this hard?). Research questions are just so tough sometimes, they will have you pondering if you should give up on them. But being an open minded, wall-less, scientist/person you’re not ready to give up easily and you’ll spend a lot of time listening to the data and trying to understand it. Of course some research questions are just dead-ends and the outcome will pin you to the ground in sadness and anguish with the time lost and mistakes you made…but you would have learned from them, no matter what. And actually, many many times research questions will let you enthralled with even the smallest yet most fascinating things you’ve found! I don’t want to extend this analogy much further, but that’s it: people are just hard complex systems struggling to understand each other. And once I realized this, my fears were gone; my walls crumbled. And I’m finally able to begin to understand the world and ready for the world to understand me!”

Welcome everyone and happy sharing! =)

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  1. Great job, indeed! I love the idea, but also the product: it’s visually appealing, easy to use, and bug-free 🙂 Thumbs up!

    1. Thanks, Elena! Patiently waiting for one of your beautiful writings to feature here on this database…Cheers!

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