What should you do next?

Develop your profile

Under the page "My Profile" you will find a tiny cogwheel close to your profile picture/cover photo. Click on it and then "Edit Profile", where you can fill up all the information regarding your academic career. Let others know where you've been and what you worked or are working on!

Connect with other Neurasmates

The main purpose of this database is that you can more easily connect with the current Neurasmus students and/or alumni. Under the "Members" page you will find all the accounts of your registered Neurasmates! You can check their profile and follow where they've been and where they're working. Feel free to contact them if you have any question!

Share something personal within our community

Of course Neurasmus is not just a professional network. It's a hopefully ever-growing community of people that share much more than an enormous passion for Neuroscience. Feel free to share one of your personal exciting stories under the "My Profile - Add Post" option! We'd love to hear them =)